Better Energy Homes Scheme

From the 16th May 2011 the Home Energy Savings Scheme has been replaced by the Better Energy Homes Scheme. The idea behind this new scheme is still the same but the government have redesigned it to allow movre houses avail of the limited funding. As part of the grant redesign the Greener Homes Scheme has been stopped. The grant scheme is run by Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) and is open to homeowners and landlords. The amounts shown in the table below are the maximum cash amounts payable, should works not exceed these levels then only the actual cost of the works will be paid. To complete the grant paperwork, a ber cert will need to be completed.  COdi Energy rating Assessors provide quick turn around on ber certs to ensure you can apply for your grant as soon as possible.  

Measures Category Grants*
BER Assessment Mandatory BER After Upgrade Works (Only one BER grant per home) €80
Attic Roof Insulation €200

Cavity wall insulation €250
Internal Wall Dry-Lining €900 - €1800
External wall insulation €1800 - €3600
Heating Systems High Efficiency Gas or Oil fired Boiler with Heating Controls Upgrade €560
Heating Controls Upgrade €400
Solar Heating €800

If you are considering improving the efficiency of your home and cut your fuel bills, COdi Energy Rating Assessors can advise you on what improvements you should undertake. Call us on 087 798 5102 if you like further information or click on the following link to go to SEAI's website