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The following are a list of links to websites which contain useful information about the ber process, energy saving tips and regulations covering the ber process.

Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland for information on  available grant schemes & energy tips to calculate your carbon footprint

Department of the Environment Technical Guidance document Part L

SI 666 the statutory instrument covering the ber process

BER Assessors Association of Ireland


Number of Assessments completed April 2011

Building Energy Ratings for New Dwellings by grade                April 2011
A1 7 0.03%
A2 49 0.18%
A3 1128 4.14%
B1 3939 14.46%
B2 6770 24.86%
B3 7829 28.75%
C1 3816 14.01%
C2 1637 6.01%
C3 782 2.87%
D1 583 2.14%
D2 344 1.26%
E1 206 0.76%
E2 81 0.30%
F 30 0.11%
G 35 0.13%
Total 27236

Building Energy Ratings for Existing Dwellings by grade          April 2011
A1 1 0.0004%
A2 12 0.005%
A3 79 0.03%
B1 981 0.41%
B2 4989 2.07%
B3 15059 6.24%
C1 25832 10.71%
C2 31161 12.91%
C3 33868 14.04%
D1 34299 14.22%
D2 31187 12.93%
E1 17877 7.41%
E2 13994 5.8%
F 13738 5.69%
G 18204 7.54%
Total 241281

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Changes to Home Energy Savings (HES) Scheme

From May 16th, 2011, SEAI have introduced changes to the grant scheme to improve the energy efficiency of the housing stock in the Republic of Ireland. Originally called the Home energy Saving Scheme, it is now called the Better Energy Homes Scheme. The level of grants have been reduced to reflect the lower prices being charged for the various works covered by the grant. One significant change is that previously a homeowner of landlord could only apply for a grant once and so all works had to be completed within a six months timeframe, but multiple grant applications can be made thereby allowing the work, and therefore the cost to be spread over a longer period.

SEAI has developed a smart online Home Energy Self Survey which only takes minutes to complete, taking homeowners through a number of simple steps to identify the current condition of their home and guiding them towards the most suitable upgrade works. This new survey will be offered to all applicants at the start of the online application process and is also available in hard copy on request from the SEAI call centre (1850-927000). The survey complements the existing fast track online application system and links directly to SEAI’s other online resources including the Buyers’ Guides

A Building Energy Rating (BER) will be an integral part of all grant applications under the Home Energy Saving scheme, whereby homeowners must undertake a BER on their home after grant aided works have been completed. This will give homeowners a thorough and objective assessment of the energy performance of their home following upgrade works, including a rating on an A-G scale. The first such BER will attract grant aid of €80.

As a BER certificate is required for each grant application, it maybe advisable that homeowners apply for, and undertake, all planned grant aided works at the same time to minimize the costs associated with multiple BER assessments. SEAI will only grant towards one BER.

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